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CODE HORIZON is a strategy board game where players battle it out for supremacy using their strategic and tactical wits commanding physical robots on the table and virtual infantry in an app amid a fast-changing war environment.

Game System

#01 Autonomous Robots and Tactical Commands

Valkyrie rovers (VROs) think and move over the field according to tactical commands set by the player, and develop machinery units. Tactical commands correspond to attack targets, courses of action, and the battle formations of machinery units. VROs and machinery units autonomously move, attack, and await further orders according to these commands.

#02 Machinery Units and Intel Wars

Machinery units are infantry forces who board VROs. As they cannot be seen on the field, they are discovered by VRO and machinery unit radar, then displayed on the player's smartphone mission control screen. Leverage the fact that your opponent cannot see these forces, and discover units without alerting your enemy.

#03 Terrain Effects

The four kinds of field map terrain are plains, forests, mountains, and swamps. Plains are the easiest to cross and use little VRO fuel. Compared to plains, forests are difficult to move through and ideal for machinery ambushes. Mountains are also difficult to navigate, but attack power is increased when attacking from higher ground and mountains offer extensive radar range. Swamps are the most difficult to move through and decrease both attack and defense power.

#04 Logistics

VRO movement speed decreases when fuel is low; when fuel hits zero they become unable to do anything. It is important to ensure a safe supply line of fuel to VROs. On the other hand, it is possible to isolate front line enemy forces by cutting off their supply lines.

#05 Game Victory or Defeat

When you achieve your assigned mission, you win the game.
There are three types of missions, and it is important to alter your strategy based on the mission at hand.
・Remove the battle capacity of all of the enemy player's VROs
・Remove the battle capacity of the enemy player's leader VRO
・Be the first to solely occupy the key plant location
(*This requires the plant in the separately-sold expansion kit.)


A distant galaxy. And over history, civilizations from many different stars have collided and competed for dominance in this part of space. These conflicts produced many victims, and at last people realized the meaninglessness of it all and created plans to form a unified galactic federation. At the war's end, in spite of the expectations of many, a number of peace treaties held firm across the galaxy. But it was a fragile peace that might crumble immediately with the slightest tipping of the scales.

――A frontier planetary system. On some corners of these planets it is possible for life to exist. These planets, in this distant corner of the galaxy, are of little strategic value do to their lack of resources and extreme distance, and so, neglected by the central government, they are a place where those who have no place to go are washed ashore. On one of these planets【H315A】, super-powerful technology, seemingly from some prehistoric civilization, has been found by settlers, and a new era of history is about to come to life.

Via the【CODE】 information which controls them, microscopic nanomachines can take any number of shapes. This planet contains many of the plants that produce these nanomachines. And so the people who discovered the database left behind by a prehistoric civilization were filled with joy. Somewhere on the planet existed the ultimate【CODE】. The person who had absolute control of all the nanomachines and seized the planet would gain near-infinite energy and become able to shake the whole galaxy.

The central government, fearing that the discovery of its existence could trigger a new galactic war, implemented a large-scale information blockade and other political measures designed to isolate the region, but these only further accelerated the conflict. The result was that fuel was added to the fire. From a small skirmish at the beginning, through the influence of several powers, as time wore on, it grew larger and larger.

They were in the midst of a intensifying conflict. Those who controlled a region's weapons used its nanomachines. When the【Valkyrie Rover】 appeared, the war took this new form.

【Virtual】 tactics, 【real】 combat. War is taking a new shape. But people still seek an end to the fighting. ――They seek【CODE HORIZON】, to allow them to seize control of everything.


"Brainerd Independent Union"
A power centered on the people who originally settled this planetary system. They are the ones first made contact with the remnants of the prehistoric civilization discovered on planet【H315A】.
Their independent spirit is strong, and they have reacted strongly against central government intervention. Their objective in trying to seize the planet is to achieve total independence for this system. However, their union, originally assembled from a number of smaller groups, is riven by internal factional conflicts.
At the beginning of the war they flew a flag of revolt against the central government, and revolutionary Holt McHenry, called the 【Hero of Independence】 for bringing together many powers within the system, commands this union with his charisma. But he is an old man, and the future is unclear. Rumors are circulating that after his death, the union may break into many pieces.
In comparison with other powers, their technology and ability to continue fighting are inferior, but they are superior due to the solidity of their ability to capitalize on locational strengths. They got a late start on the use of Valkyrie Rovers, but they have begun developing uses for them through their association with businesses in the planetary system.

Union Temperance

Another great power in the planetary system.
They insist that they will bring peace to the galaxy by seizing control of the planet. This is the desire of an economic federation closely associated with the central government, which supports planetary settlers.
They are currently led by a female president named Sylvia.
Originally, many people did not want the war to go on for a long time, but there was a secret faction within their parliament which colluded with the Central Government. Having an opportunity to intervene and overthrow her, they concocted a plan to extend the war. So, secretly, they confirmed the existence of what was called the《Gilmore Pan-Galactic Weapons Development Organization》, equipped with second-generation Valkyrie Rovers.
Because they receive support from outlying planets, their population has risen from a position of inferiority to strategic importance. In particular, this faction was the first to proactively develop and use third-generation Valkyrie Rovers.


A private group of mercenaries who have come from outside the planetary system with an eye on the war.
Though their original goal was to use this war as a way to make money, learning of the existence of the nanomachine plants, they aimed to take control of them in secret. Since their establishment, they have included not only humans but a large number of aliens. Species which were left behind on various planets where they were the slaves of prehistoric civilizations. They have also absorbed Reynoids, and established themselves as a power which cannot be ignored.
They are only a select few, but they proactively use Valkyrie Rovers, and they fight intelligently, occasionally supporting the Brainerd and Temperance factions. They have secured one resource-rich satellite in the planetary system, and in addition to using it as their headquarters, they have established several mobile bases on each planet. A man called Cosmu watches over the entire organization, and several support AIs known as【Noniel】plots their strategy and issues final orders.

Gilmore Arms

An organization which develops weapons across the galaxy and performs research.
A cloud business, organized into many subdivided units with no true head. Its reason for existence is to discover and revive lost technology from prehistoric galactic civilizations in various locations.


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